Entertaining & Immersive Learning Videos

Did You Know: Human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than text and a learner is more likely to remember 95% or audio-visual content as compared to 10% of textual content. We at Learning Linkups have created a diverse variety of options to choose from for your next video-based learning projects.

Learning, Anywhere and Anytime

A study showed that sharing knowledge through videos creates an informal learning environment which helps people identify and engage better with the content. The biggest challenges L&D departments face is making an engaging content available on demand and tracking the consumption. We help L&D dept. to overcome this hurdle with our integrated approach of technology & creative acumen.

Digital Learning Solutions Mobile Learning Solutions Tracking Video Consumption Technology & Creative Acumen

Enhance your Employee onboarding experience

The longitivity of the new employee is directly proportioned to the psychological contract generated in the onboarding process. The biggest culprit in this process is the Mood Swings of the process owners / Senior Leaders. With today’s technology, many companies are turning to video for new employee onboarding and training because it saves time, money, and resources.

VR based Onboarding Leadership Diaries Plant & Machinery videos Technology & Creative Acumen

Creatively Surprise your Customers

A creative sales video that conveys your message is one of the best way to surprise and delight your prospective clients, investors and consumers. It’s a systematic and structured approach to creatively surprise the prospects and can be used as a powerful tool for proving your value to customers. Start your sales pitch on a human note.

Product Pitch Videos Customer Testimonials CXOs Pitch videos Product Explainer Videos

Create your Learning University

Organisations are creating and operating their inhouse Academy offering technical, functional, compliance and other videos which are mandatory for a large number of employees in the organisation. We help you build a e-learning captive portals backed with Learning Management System and Webinar functions with which you can conduct live classes online.

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