Diagnostic & Development Consulting

In partnership with one of the leading HR Advisory & Consulting firm in India, “The Strategist” (, we provide a comprehensive suite of consulting services to our esteemed clients.

Assessment & Development Center (AC/DC)

AC/DC are used by organizations today for Prediction, Diagnosis & Development of the future leaders. Our assessment is a combination of psychometric profiling, BEI interviews and simulated exercises which are effective indicators of the abilities. The aim is to highlight the competencies of an individual and the create an IDP in line with the objectives of the company.

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Competency Framework Design

A competency framework defines the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed for people within an organization. Each individual role will have its own set of competencies needed to perform the job effectively. With our experience of creating and validating competency frameworks across industries, we bring to the table the expertise that enables organizations to assess, redefine, realign and institutionalise their competency frameworks.

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Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analysis (TNA) addresses the problem of methodically discerning the actual gaps in the needed skills of the work force. It is a crucial stage of the organization’s process and has started to become a fundamental pre-requisite in any organization’s learning and development toolkit. Our expertise at designing and conducting learning needs assessment is reinforced by our ability to use multiple methodologies for such assessments.

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Return on Training Effectiveness (R.O.T.E)

Quantifying the “Return on the Training investment” is a challenge which every L&D vertical face today. It’s imperative for every organization to know the value of the programs they deliver. Our partners have developed an online cloud-based tool – T.R.A.C.K.E.R which is idiot proof, self-sustained, intelligent and cloud based to give you a dashboard of effectiveness.

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Virtual CHRO

The Future of Work: Today, forward looking companies are looking to create experiences, for their employees, which are at par with the best in the industry. This is not possible if we continue with typical hiring models, we need to look at outsourcing Strategic & Operational HR activities to create a differentiated experience for employees.

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